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AziTeez is a community-based company that prints awesome designs created and provides CLOTHING with a Personal Touch.AziTeez doesn’t sell products, it just spices up your dreams and make it a reality. We are a lifestyle company!!.

Latest Products

Simha Gharjane

500.00 INR 399

Kannadatana Royal Blue

550.00 INR 499

Kannada Mana

599.00 INR 499

Usiragali Kannada

550.00 INR 499

Kannadatana Hoodie

750.00 INR 699


450.00 INR 399


Life is a drama?


350.00 INR 300

Matte Male Huyyutide

Male Huyyutide

500.00 INR 399

I love bengaluru

400.00 INR 350

Naanu Kannadathi

800.00 INR 650