T-shirts are not just for fashion. A Tshirt that you wear depicts a lot about you. It reflects your choice, your attitude and your passions. When used properly A Tshirt can be used for creating awareness or even start a revolution.

In an era where many graduate students can list all the 51 states in the United States but can name hardly 10 freedom fighters, nationalism doesn't come naturally. Instead of taking a hardline approach againt such category of Indians, we are following an approach by which we are trying to create a cool quotient around nationalism or the idea of Nation. We don't preach from the books of history, but we use our creativity in t-shirts to stir the young minds so that they take up interest in the country, its struggle, its history and its future.

This is a small step but a step in the right direction. Wish us all the best as we traversing to put that pride back in every Indian about his country. 

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