Kannada Tshirts

We opened up for the public with the release of our first Kannada Tshirt for the event Kannada Rajyotsava. Little did we know that Kannada t-shirts would become our USP and get us where we are and would eventually take us to where we want to be ;)

We have had various other Tshirts in our hit list, but Kannada Tshirts are all at the top of our charts. 






If you would like to place bulk orders(40+) for Kannada Tshirts, write to us at aziteez@gmail.com or call us at 9739991159 to avail special offers. If you are a member of any Kannada supporting groups and would like to partner with us to promote Kannada Tshirts, please contact us.

Kannada T-shirts to express your love and gratitude towards the culture.