Lucia Pro



Project Lucia is the first Kannada feature film to be produced by the audience and written to be directed by Pawan Kumar of Lifeu Ishtene fame. This movie is free of stars and market pressures, which primarily control the content of the movies that you are watching today. 
LUCIA is an open source movie. It is funded by the people and made by the people. Every department in the film is taken care by only those who deserved and were talented enough to be in that job. The success of this project could create a parallel industry for Kannada films making it fair and effective. Any one with talent will be able to pursue a successful career in the film industry without having to worry about 'Background'. Our goal is to bring the dignity back in the Kannada films, so that watching and making Kannada movies need not be something to be embarrassed about. We want to create a platform for home talent to find work and to get paid what they deserve. Giving a scientific structure to the way the industry functions will help us over come all he issues we are presently facing.
Lucia is our test project. Once we complete this film, we will be setting up an entire foolproof transparent system for film making, so that film makers and audience can collaborate and make good sensible dignified films in Kannada. This project is recognized by the British Council who have awarded Pawan Kumar ( with Young Creative Entrepreneur Award( British Council's reasons to recognize this venture - "Pawan has creative a disruptive model using technology and the internet to democratize movie making which could have an impact internationally."
This model has also been selected for round two at the 'Economic times - The power of Ideas 2012'
In February 2012, 110 people came together and funded 51 lak to make Lucia. About 60% of the film shooting is completed and career opportunities have opened up to many talented people because of this project. Audience have not only collaborated by pitching in the funds but have also offered services in kind. This is a classic example of community coming together to initiate a change in order to save their language, home talent, and the stories their movies tell the world.
Filmmaking is an expensive affair. And when all the financial burden is on one person, he will try to play it safe by attempting movies/stories which have proven success elsewhere. This cuts down on innovation and experiments in new directions. At Audience films, the entire community shares the burden. Each of the audience member is only contributing a small fund and thus opening doors to try out new things.
Our new idea to raise funds to make movies is - BUY A T-SHIRT, MAKE A MOVIE. We are now selling LUCIA t-shirts. These T-shirts were designed from an online contest. We received about 50+ designs from the audience. We have selected 2 of those designs for phase 1. The money you pay to buy these t-shirts will go into making films. So when you buy LUCIA t-shirts, the fund goes into making the movie LUCIA. If this social experiment works, then we plan to create a model where a filmmaker with a good film earns his funding by just selling the Tshirt. He gets the fund to make the film and no one is at risk. 
For every T-shirt that is sold, some talented artist is getting an opportunity to make a career in the film Industry. Tomorrow it could be you or your child who needs this platform. Lets together build a parallel film industry which is clean and fair for everyone, which promises films on par with the world cinema in our own language - Kannada.
Aziteez has partnered with Lucia in the implementation of this novel concept. The T-shirts are of good quality and you have to pay only on delivery, so kindly don't think of this as a scam! 
The audience made our first social experiment a huge success, we raised 51lakh in 27 days. This made news internationally. Hope we will together achieve another break through by making - 'Buy a T-shirt, Make a Movie' a successful initiative.
The prices have been slashed to 500 now. Hence the complimentory DVDs has been disbanded. For those who have bought this Tshirts at 750 INR, you will still be eligible for the DVDs.